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Sacred Destinations

Sri Lanka’s rich Cultural and Religious history offers many interesting places of worship, where pageants, ceremonies and worship rites from Buddhist, Christian, Roman Catholic, Hindu, Muslim and other revered beliefs can be observed. Numerous locations where divine and respected Temples, Churches, Mosques, Monasteries, Ancient Stupa’s, Monemtal Dhagaba’s and other awe-inspiring testaments to the rich religious perspective of Sri Lanka can be visited.

Aathi Koneswaram

Aathi Koneswaram temple can be found in the village of Thambalagamuwa 24 kilometers from the port town of Trincomalee which was part of the medieval semi-independent feudal division known as Thambalagamuwa Pattu. The village saw depopulation and the temple was abandoned during the Sri Lankan...

Abhayagiri Dagoba

Towering above the landscape, seemingly lost in time, the Abhayagiri Monastery & Dagaba offers a unique insight into the time when the great kings ruled the land. Located in the ancient city of Anuradhapura, this sacred Buddhist monument tells a story of its own...


Aluviharaya or Aluvihara temple, is a majestic rock-cave temple surrounded by lush tree-growth, is about three kilometres to the north of the Matale town along Matale-Dambulla high-way. This is where Buddhist monks (a conclave of Buddhist monks of the Aluvihara Temple...


This magnificent 39 foot (11.90 meter-high) statue at Aukana is an ancient architectural marvel carved (by an unknown sculptor) in the period of King Dhathusena (459 – 477 AD) and is the tallest Buddha statue built by the ancient Sinhalese.

Dawatagaha Mosque

Popular to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, this Mosque has a shrine by its side and visited by Muslims and people of other faiths as well seeking solace in the over 150 year-old shrine dedicated to the famous saint, Sayed Usman Waliyullah.


Also known as the ‘Long Reservoir’, was built by King Saddatissa and today, stands with its half-complete dome, despite unsuccessful attempts to restore it in the 1920’s.


This Stupa is in the UNESCO-declared world heritage site city of Anuradhapura and was built by King Mahasena (273-301 AD). It is said to contain a part of a sash (or belt) worn by the Lord Buddha - believed to be the relic that is enshrined within.

Kadurugoda Viharaya

Discovered in 1917 by the then Magistrate P.E. Pieris, remains of a shrine room, parts of several Bodhisattva statues, Buddha foot imprints and coins, about 60 small and large Stupas-Dagaba pieces of pinnacles of Stupas and pieces of stone with the Buddha’s foot imprints.

Kelani Viharaya

Kelaniya, the capital of King Kelanitissa, is in the suburbs of the western province, very close to the Kelani River and is known for its famous Buddhist Temple, the Kelani Viharaya.

Ketchimalai Mosque

Standing majestically high on a rock in Beruwala, tall white and towering walls, surrounded by lovely coconut trees stands the magnificent, beautiful, well-maintained Ketchimalai mosque, an ancient historic site and a religious place of reflection and prayer over centuries.


Katharagama is in the Monaragala District of the Uva Province, 228 kms from Colombo. This is a pilgrimage town very popular among Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, the indigenous Vedda communities of Sri Lanka and also South Indians.


Koneswaram temple / Thirukonamamalai Konesar Kovil is one of the most famous Hindu Temples in Sri Lanka. Situated in Trincomalee, the ancient port city in the eastern province and a today a famous, not-to-be-missed tourist destination in the country.

Mahiyangana Vihara

According to Mahavamsa, Sivuhelaya (Sri Lanka) was peopled by Sivu-Helayo. The Yakkhas (clan) were living in Mahiyangana at this time. It (Mahavamsa) says that the Lord Buddha held a discussion on Dhamma with them.

Maligawila Buddha Statue

Standing majestically at the height of 37 feet, 10 inches, the Maligawilla Statue is a standing statue of the image of the Lord Buddha, carved out of a large limestone rock during the 7th century by a prince by the name of Aggabodhi from Ruhuna.


The temple complex is a collection of five temples, including a Buddhist Temple. The central temple is dedicated to Shiva, and is the largest and most prestigious, also popular among Hindus. The other temples are dedicated to Ganesha, Ayyanayake and Kali.


Muthiyangana Raja Maha Viharaya is within the city of Badulla in the Uva province. This area around Badulla (especially the Uva Province) goes way back in time to the 18th and 19th century BCE.

Nagadeepa Purana Vihara

The Nagadeepa Purana Rajamaha Viharaya is one of the sixteen most sacred places of worship by Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Pilgrims have been coming to the Nagadeepa since about the 1st century AD to worship at its famous Rajayathana stupa.

Naguleswaram Temple

This temple was built where the Sadhu Nagulaswami used to worship a lingam (usually an oblong shaped stone, representing the male attribute and seen also as a flame, symbol of life and creation). The lingam is often placed on a base, the yoni, which symbolizes the female).

Nallur Kovil

Dating back to the period of King Parakramabahu (1411-1463), Nallur Kandaswamy Temple, one of the most important and well-known temples in the Jaffna Peninsula, is found around 3kilometers from the Jaffna town on the Kankasanturai (KKS) Road.


Another unknown great sculptor created this beautiful statue of the Lord Buddha which has two names: the Rasvehera and the Sasseruwa. The name Rasvehera refers to the day the Sacred Bo Tree was brought from Anuradhapura and planted at the premises...

Ridi Vihara

Found about 20 kilometers from the ancient kingdom of Kurunegala in the village of Ridi Gama. Ridi Viharaya or the Silver Temple was built by King Dutugemunu. Its location is where Silver ore (Ridi) was found in a cave by a merchant from the city...


This Dagoba was built by King Dutugemuni in the 2nd century BCE and has been restored to what it is today a beautiful shining white dome. It is one of the Solosmasthana (16 places of veneration) and the Atamasthana (Eight places of veneration in the ancient sacred city of...

Sri Maha Bodhiya

This sacred Bo Tree the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya of Anuradhapura over 2,200 years old, is the oldest living tree in the recorded history of the world.


This hallowed mountain and ancient pilgrimage site, is interestingly shrouded in legend and history. It is a conical mountain 16 kilometers North-East of Ratnapura rising abruptly from the lower valley to 7,360 feet (2,243 meters) above sea level...

St. Anthony’s – Colombo

St. Anthony a powerful Franciscan preacher and teacher, one of the Catholic Church’s most popular Saints, has many devotees and several Churches have been erected in his honor. The Shrine at Kochchikade in the heart of the city of Colombo is perhaps the most popular...

St. Lucia’s Cathedral – Colombo

St. Lucy of Sicily whose feast is celebrated on December 13th is venerated the world over as the protector against eye-trouble. Legend says that she had the most beautiful pair of eyes which she pulled out to present to an unwelcome suitor who was captivated by their beauty.

The Bodhiya at the Lower Terrace

The Bo Tree or the Bodhigharaya is situated in the lower terrace, which has a Walakulu Bemma or Wave-drift-wall that borders one side of a steep hill and at the Bodhigharaya.

The Drummers' Pavilion

This is a rectangular-shaped building, having stone steps at its main entrance that faces the Bodhigharaya terrace and also has arched openings facing the Maha Vihara.

The Gedige Temple

This is found at the Ridi Vihara site, built entirely of stone. It is said to have been built at the very place where the Sweet Jackfruit offering was made to the Arahath Thero by the merchant.

The Maha Viharaya

This is located inside a huge rock cave and has a nine-meter recumbent Buddha image as well as statues of Ananda Thero, Maitre Bodhisattva and some Deities.


The Thuparamaya is said to be the first stupa to be built since the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka, during the time of King Devanampiya Tissa (250BC – 210BC). The ruins of this complex cover almost 3 ½ acres and it was built on the instructions of Mahinda Thero...

Thiru Ketheeswaram Temple

Tiruketeeswaram is an ancient Hindu temple in Manthota dedicated to the worship of the God Siva, overlooking the ancient port towns of Mantai and Kadiramale about 11.2 Kilometers (seven miles) north of the Mannar Town.


Tissamaharama, also known by the name of ‘Mahagama’ in ancient times, was founded by Prince Mahanaga, brother of King Devanampiyatissa in the third century BC. Fondly known as the gateway to Yala (Yala National Park), ‘Tissa’ as it is more warmly known is a beautiful...


Only a kilometer away, to the north Tissmaharama town, the huge ancient man-made irrigation reservoir called Tissa wewa spreads its mighty and beautiful banks, attracting many visitors both local and foreign.

Vallipuram – Jaffna

One of the oldest temples in Jaffna, brings worshippers every day and particularly on Sundays. In the sanctum, the Vishnu's Cakkaram (disc) occupies the place of the Utsava Moorthy (deity) which is taken out in procession during festivals.

Wolfendhal Church

Dating back to the Dutch Reformed Church being introduced to Sri Lanka almost 360 years ago, the Wolvendaal Church is the oldest Protestant Church in use in Sri Lanka. It celebrated its 253rd anniversary in 2011.

Yatala Dagoba

This Dagoba is just a quick walk from the southwest corner of the famous Tissa weva is the Yatala dagoba and further down about half a kilometer is the Menik dagoba.

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