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    Despite its small land-mass, Sri Lanka proudly boasts endemism locations.
    of being one of the world’s highest ecological
    endemism locations.
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    Cool breeze on your skin on a misty evening
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A must to be experienced is the excitement and wonder in visiting Sri Lanka’s exotically extensive sanctuaries spread across the land. These lush wetlands, thick mangroves, fresh-water swamplands, beautiful mountain hills forest reserves, tropical and low-land rain forests, to the magnificent ancient irrigation tanks, and UNESCO-declared heritage sites are splendorous excursions. The splendid National Wild Life parks of Bundala, Hakgala, Minneriya, Ritigala, Willpattu, and Yala, showcase and array of local and water bird-life, butterflies and fish, Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles, insects and so much more.

Anawilundawa Sanctuary

This lush wetland comprises serene mangrove fresh-water swamplands attracting a variety of migrant and endemic water birds and is a popular location for bird and nature enthusiasts.

Bellanwilla – Attidiya Bird Sanctuary

This 372 hectare sanctuary is essentially about thick mangrove growth and swamps that support many species of local and water bird-life, butterflies and fish. A calm and serene escape for the enthusiastic nature lover...

Bodhinagala Forest Reserve Ingiriya

The forest reserve is a small lowland rain forest, made up of two mountains surrounded by villages on the Panadara – Ratnapura main road. It also has a much visited Buddhist hermitage and is also a rich destination for bird life and the avid bird watcher...

Chilaw Sand Spits

A sandy beach that includes lush green mangroves and a rich lagoon that can be accessed along the Colombo-Negombo-Chilaw road. This is home to many species of birds such as Sanderling, the rare Eurasian Oystercatcher, the Sandwich Tern...

Galway’s Land

Galway's Land National Park is a 57.6 hectare national park found within the city limits of Nuwara Eliya and is an ideal getaway for bird and nature lovers while visiting this lovely city also fondly referred to as ‘Little England’.

Giant’s Tank Sanctuary

Yodha-wewa or ‘Giants Tank’, irrigates around 11,000 hectares of paddy cultivation and is located just 25km southeast of Mannar. It is one of the largest tanks in Sri Lanka, built by King Dhatusena (459 – 477) and fed by an ancient-restored canal...

Kitulgala – Kelani Valley Forest Reserve

This is a 1,155 hectare protected forest reserve that can be reached from the Colombo-Avisawella road. The Kitulgala Rest House is found just across this forest where one can get across to it on the river by boat.

Knuckles Wilderness

Located within the district of Kandy and Matale in central Sri Lanka, the 30,000 hectare Knuckles mountain range, has derived its name from its resemblance to a set of knuckles on a clenched fist. ‘Knuckles’ comprises five mountain peaks and a number of smaller ones, with its highest point reaching around 6,000 feet...

Labugama – Kalatuwawa Forest Reserve

This Labugama-Kalatuwawa Forest Reserve covers the Udagama Kanda (mountain), home to the Udagama Village nestled on its slopes and also many mammal and bird species. It is also the catchment-area to the Labugama and Kalatuwawa reservoirs.

Mihintale Sanctuary

The mountain range found in Mihintale comprises three beautiful mountain hills namely Ambastala, Rajagiri and Anaikutti. The Mihintale Sanctuary is a 999.6 hectare area rich in biodiversity that includes many species of trees such as teak and ebony as well as elephant, bear, sambur and spotted deer.

Minneriya – Giritale National Park

This enchanting 8,890 hectare park situated around 20km north-west of the historically important and UNESCO World Heritage Site city of Polonnaruwa in the North-West, it also boasts the huge and ancient 3,000 hectare Minneriya Weva (Irrigation reservoir tank).


A little 368 hectare-patch of tranquil and peaceful rainforest called Mithirigala can be found just an hour’s drive on the A4 from Colombo, by turning off the Hanwella town on the B146. Mithirigala is surrounded by the rich rubber plantations found in the vicinity and boasts...

Nawadankulama Tank

Another beautiful water-body, the Nawadankulama Tank is found in Anawilundawa and is also a RAMSAR wetland which comprises nine tanks that are linked to form a distinctive system of irrigation in the area.

Peak Wilderness Sanctuary

Peak Wilderness sanctuary, is one of three declared by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and designated a sanctuary in October 1940. This is a tropical rain forest covering an area of 224 square kilometers found in the area of the Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) mountain.

Sigiriya Sanctuary

Part of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, that dates historically 7,000 years ago, a UNESCO declared historical site holding some of the most famous ancient historical architectural monuments found in Sri Lanka.

Udawattekele Sanctuary

This lush, thick forest sanctuary situated near both the Sri Dalada Maligawa (Temple of the Tooth) and the Royal Palace in Kandy, was declared a royal forest reserve called ‘Tahansikele’ or ‘forbidden forest’ by Sinhala Kings during Kandy’s time as capital city of Sri Lanka, where entry to everyone was prohibited.

Vankalai Sanctuary

This sanctuary declared a RAMSAR site in July 2010, is a 4,800 hectare wetland made up of four sections; the Puliyantivu Island, Tiruketiswaram, Pallimunai, Vankalai and the area on either side of the causeway that connects the island of Mannar to the mainland.

Victoria, Randenigala & Rantabe Sanctuary

This Labugama-Kalatuwawa Forest Reserve covers the Udagama Kanda (mountain), home to the Udagama Village nestled on its slopes and also many mammal and bird species. It is also the catchment-area to the Labugama and Kalatuwawa reservoirs.

Wilpattu National Park

One of the largest and oldest natural parks found in Sri Lanka, and celebrated for its leopard population. This grand 151, 693 hectare National Park is located some 180km from Colombo on the Colombo-Negombo-Puttlam road on the northwest coast, 30 km west of the historic city of Anuradhapura and 50km north of Puttalam.

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